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makes .NET HTML5

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Explore the DOM.

AngleSharp follows the W3C specifications and gives you the same results as state of the art browsers. Besides the official API AngleSharp adds some useful extension methods on top. This makes working with the DOM convenient.

Want Selector Queries?

AngleSharp integrates everything you need to explore and mutate the DOM tree. Node retrieval is straight forward by using powerful CSS query selectors. The CSS queries in AngleSharp are super fast and very simple to use.

Full CSS Support!

AngleSharp respects the relationship of HTML with CSS. Therefore CSS is a first class citizen in the AngleSharp eco-system. Nevertheless, it is your choice if you want to use CSS with HTML, CSS alone or if you provide your own CSS solution.

You need JavaScript?

AngleSharp offers a lot of extension points. One of the best possibilities is providing scripting engines. This gives you a very elegant way of using JavaScript with C# on webpages. You can even script in other languages if you want to.


AngleSharp gives you great performance. Parse your favorite websites in practically no-time.

Interactive DOM

The DOM exposed by AngleSharp is fully functional and interactive. Handle DOM events in your code.


Everything works just like in modern browsers. From DOM construction to serialization.

Great Documentation

The whole code is documentated with XML documentation. Also more tutorials are in progress.

Latest Features

Enjoy the template element. Use multiple image sources in a picture. Shadow DOM? AngleSharp got you covered.


AngleSharp is a .NET Standard library that can be used on many platforms. This includes, but is not limited to, .NET (Core / FX), Unity, and Xamarin.

LINQ Enhanced

AngleSharp brings LINQ to the DOM. Use LINQ to get the information you desire. Also some more useful helpers are available.

Easy to Extend

You want to use your own HTTP requester? Cookies? Decode images or run scripts? It's easy to setup and integrate.