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Joining the .NET Foundation

Florian Rappl • May 2, 2019 • news, organization, release

Today version v0.12 of AngleSharp has been published. Like v0.11 this is only an intermediate release before becoming officially stable with v1.0. Obviously, I could now write a bit on the bugfixes, enhancements, and additions that come with this release. However, there is a bigger organizational change that has finally happend with the release of v0.12 …

… with this release AngleSharp is a member of the .NET Foundation. We will be supported with everything we need to sustain development on this project, bringing it to the next level and provide first-class web tooling to any .NET project. The vision of AngleSharp is now officially supported by the .NET Foundation!

The long term vision for AngleSharp is provide all the building blocks for downloading, inspecting, running, and rendering standard web assets within .NET applications.

AngleSharp is a .NET Browser Engine Core, which represents the basis for modern web tooling available to .NET applications in form of a .NET Standard library. This implies not only development time spent on AngleSharp itself, but also on related libraries and tools, e.g., Jint or Esprima.NET.

The hope that comes with this organizational change is a bit of momentum to enhance the AngleSharp community. The vision is too large to be fulfilled by a few people - we need a strong community that desires and believes in strong web tooling for .NET.

Thanks to the .NET Foundation for their support. Let’s follow the journey towards outstanding web tooling in .NET together!